Saturday, February 9, 2013

Tiny House For Sale! (Update: House Sold April 2013--Best Wishes to the Tiny House in its New Life!)

Interior Living Area

Built-in couch with storage space underneath

Interior of closet (1 of 2)


Durastall shower with RainMan portable camp shower
Bathroom opposite shower; includes outlet for electric composting toilet

Double Loft

UPDATE: Tiny House Sold Spring 2013

Custom Tiny House With Double Loft Made From Reclaimed Wood


  • Interior and exterior wood from reclaimed Eastern Pine from two Texas farmhouses by Echo Reclamation
  • Double loft can house two queen-sized mattresses or additional storage
  • Plumbing and electric installed by licensed plumber and electrician
  • Beadboard interior in bathroom and lofts 
  • Generous storage underneath kitchen counters, in two closets, and in built-in six-foot couch
  • Stainless steel counters in kitchen
  • Three-burner propane range
  • New double-panedLow-E windows throughout
  • LED lighting for lower energy use
  • Includes propane detector and two smoke/fire/carbon monoxide detectors
  • Batt insulation throughout
  • Built on new JB utility trailer with front and rear brakes
  • Custom exterior light
  • 30" x 30" Mustee Durastall shower
  • Hookup for propane water heater
  • Outlet in bathroom for electric composting toilet
  • Comes with dorm fridge, nearly full propane tank, and the following supplies for off-grid showering/water storage: RainMain hot camp shower and two stainless steel water crocks
 Other Considerations
  • There are fittings/hook-ups for a propane water heater, but there is no installed water heater
  • A Dickinson propane boat heater is installed, but it is loud and does not heat efficiently; we used an electric space heater in its place
  • Floor shows wear especially in main living area and should be retouched/refinished
  • Does not come with a composting toilet
  • Interior plumbing does not empty into a tank--it's very gray water friendly, but container will need to be emptied
  • Because it's built on a utility trailer, it can be towed to your location with a heavy duty truck. We towed it to its current location with a Uhaul truck. Unfortunately, we don't have the ability to tow or transport it somewhere else, but it is moveable with the right vehicle or a company that ships RVs
  • Asking price $16,500
  • Currently parked in Albuquerque, New Mexico; contact us to see it


  1. hi
    we are a young couple revy interested in your tiny house,do you still have it?
    we would like to know if there s a way to get it to canada since this is where we live..
    looking forward to hearing from you since your tiny house is beautiful
    Michael and patrici

  2. "Tiny House For Sale! (Update: House Sold April 2013--Best Wishes to the Tiny House in its New Life!)"

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